Why AKA?

Why should you select AKA to be your go to web services provider?

1. What’s So Special About Us?


If It Is Not Good For Everyone, It Is Not Good At All.

Whatever we do has to be good for you, good for your customers and, good for us, only then we accept a project.


So you get better experiences than we what got!

So, you get personalized services with the aim to fulfill your business and not just sell a product but, actually care if it is working out for you.

We were just like you, looking through for a good web hosting, digital marketing, web design & other technology companies to help in our local business years ago , and we experienced a lack of concern for our success, they were more concerned with selling their one size fits all products only to experience what we bought from them was not enough nor it did not fulfill what our business actually needed, contacted them only to be offered another up sell. there was not anyone who would have the ability to understand & advice us on what we actually needed, this led us to start our Web & IT Services firm in 2013.

2. Truly, One Stop Shop Web Services For Your Business!

The need to keep searching for that perfect partner who takes care of all the web technological aspects of your business ends here! Concentrate on what you do best, repeat & improvise to grow while we do our bit to handle digital presence, listing & reputation.

Complete Digital Marketing

We customize what works best for your target audience.

Connected Digital Advertising

10x better than traditional online advertising.

Silver, Gold & Platinum Power!

Powerful combination of our services to get paying customers & leads!

SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization to get customers without paying for Ads

Website & E-Commerce

Creative We Design & Development your representation & platform on the web!

Cloud Web Hosting!

LiteSpeed Servers for True High Speed Cloud Hosting!

3. Target All The Right Customers

When you get the Silver Power, Gold Power or Platinum Power plans we actually research, target & re-target the right customers! Even notice you search for something and then those ads start showing up? Well, do that too!.

4. Analyze & Increase Traffic and Conversions

We actually analyzing key metrics & numbers! How much is it costing you to acquire a client through Text Ads vs Video Ads. How is the public finding about your business through search engines, what actions to take at times, what to experiment with, we got you covered on all these aspects!

5. We Deliver The Results That You Want!

We are a full service Digital Marketing, Web Design, High Speed True Cloud Hosting, Digital Advertising & Creative Agency that works to deliver results that you want! 

One of the few things we try to understand in the initial discussions is to check if we can fulfill your expectations, we want to ensure we communicate ahead of time about expected results so we are able to deliver realistic results that speak for themselves!


Reason To Find Out What We Can Do For Your Business?

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