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Business Website Support Plan

Make your website one less thing to divert your attention to, so you are free to focus on your business.

We will maintain, administer, secure, update & even make small changes to your website every month!

Business Website Support Benefits

Your Website Under Our Security, Care = Support!

No Long Term Contracts

We want you to do what’s best for your business so we don’t make you sign any long term contracts

Software Core Updates

Know the core software driving your website is up-to-date

Scan & Fix Any Broken Links

A monthly link scan will be performed to ensure visitors and search engines can access all pages 

Database Cleaning & Optimization

 As your website is updated and grows it can leave unwanted data in your site’s database causing a slower site speed

Video Training Tutorials

If you want to make changes to your site, you’ll have simple step-by-step video instructions you can access from inside your website dashboard

Monthly Marketing Consulting Call & Advice

A monthly call will be scheduled where we can discuss marketing tactics, website performance or other topics related to your online growth

Priority Support

Your requests are taken above all others for the fastest update response time

Software Theme Updates

Know the theme that helps make your website look the way it does is up-to-date 

High Performance Security Monitoring

 We continually monitor your site for any unwanted attempts to access (& potentially damage) your site

Uptime Monitoring & Performance Scans

We monitor your site to make sure it stays up 24/7 so you don’t lose any potential customers or sales

Analytics Monitoring & Recommendations

We will provide you monthly data on how site visitors use the website & any recommendations to improve conversions based on the data 

Website Hosting

We host your website at no additional cost to you

Bug & Compatibility Repair

Errors can occur on different devices and browsers. We make sure those errors are taken care of so you don’t lose sales

Software Plugin Updates

Know the plugins that drive your site’s functionality are up-to-date

Website Backup w/ Restore Capability

We keep a secure backup of your website files & database in case the worst happens so you won’t lose money

Content & Product Updates

When you have new posts, images, or products we’ll take the time to update and format them 

Monthly Maintenance Report

Every month you’ll receive a detailed report of all the work that was done for your site. If something urgent arises, we let you know immediately 

Value Of The Business Website Support Plan

The Best Thing To Do For Your Website & For Your Business!

You are placing your website right under the protection of web experts who also specialize in Digital Marketing, Digital Advertising & Search Engine Optimization, just a monthly consultation call can contribute to the success of your business.


If you need a custom plan please feel free to write us with your requirements

So Do You Or Do You Not Need Website Support?

How Can You Be Sure?

Let’s help you identify if it’s a wise choice for you

What Loss Will Your Business Suffer If Your Website Went Down?

If you’re going to lose less than what you would pay for website support then strike this point off because you do not need website support but, if you are going to lose more than you would pay for website support then stop reading already and select your plan or contact us. 

How Much Is The Reputation Or Growth Of Your Business Worth To You?

Once a reputation goes bad recovery is often challenging not just with customers or new visitors but also with google, and google does not favor even paid ads if your business is not in the good books, if you really do not care about reputation or growth then you surely do not need website support plan

Do You Have An Idea About The Value Of Consulting An SEO Expert For Your Website?

If you know what wonders can Search Engine Optimization & Digital Marketing do for your business then you know the value of monthly consultation given in the website maintenance package, if not, strike this point off since it bears no value to you

Do You Need Analytics For Your Business?

A website is your representation on the web and so the traffic says a lot about what can be done to improve. If you are good with reading between the lines with metrics & SEO then strike this point off

Will You Know If Your Organic Rankings Has Disappeared?

A site’s organic rankings and traffic can disappear if a site is hacked or has malware, if you can prevent this or recover rankings then strike this off 

What Will You Do If Your Website Went Down For A Week?

If you have an answer for this strike this down but, just so you know sometimes hosting server’s frequent backups of hosted websites might not be available if you attempt to recover after a certain period of time

How Much Would It Cost To Rebuild Your Website?

If it’s going to cost you even 50% of the cost of getting website support then it may be worth it because under the support we’re also updating your website, but, if it doesn’t cost you much to rebuild then strike this off

Are You Able To Consistently Monitor Your Website For Security & Malware?

A website can be hacked and redirect visitors to another website without the website owner even knowing anything is wrong, if you can prevent this & fix it too then strike this off

Do You Know How Your Website Can be Blacklisted?

Google blacklists about 10,000 websites a day for various reasons. Sometimes it’s not even your fault, if you know how to prevent & recover then strike this off

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Benefit Of Website Support Plans?

In one sentence? Peace of mind.

Knowing that you have a web expert available to not only help you solve problems but, also to make suggestions, takes a load of stress off your shoulders. one less than to worry about, it’ll save you a ton of time.

What Does Website Hosting Include?

Our website hosting is on LiteSpeed Server which is typically 10x faster than traditional hosting.
Includes Free & Auto SSL for your website’s security & better SEO ranking
Email accounts & all the goodies of a top notch hosting company!
RAID 10 Storage is on Solid State Drives (SSD)
Includes CloudFlare w/Railgun!

What Is The Best Plan For Me?

The best plan for you is the plan that meets your monthly business needs, meaning consider how important is a solid website support for you? If you are not sure then read “How Can You Be Sure” section above. It helps greatly!

Website Support If I am Not Hosting With NameAka.com

Saying “it depends” on your website is the best answer!

If it is a just built, maintained, updated or newer website then in most cases yes, you can enroll. We do not accept old & outdated websites because there is very little we can do about them.

If you’re selecting Gold or Platinum Support then we will automatically evaluate & get back to you asap on this. 

If you are hosting your website on a traditional apache hosting servers running on Hard Disk Drives (HDD’s) then your base speed is 10x slower then our LiteSpeed WebServers, we believe it’s time to move over your website hosting to NameAka.com and then talk to us.

What Is Website Support Plan?

Website Support is a monthly plan that not only provides assistance & fixes for your website but, also gives you monthly reports (metrics) that helps you make right decisions business decisions about advertising & marketing.

What Does Labor Hours Mean?

Labor hours means time dedicated to fulfill your requested custom work on your website like changing a picture, updating price, or miscellaneus work that you need done on your website.

Does Monthly Maintenance Reduce Labor Hours?

Not at all. 

Regardless of the time it takes on monthly maintenance, your labor hours are never affected.

Do The Labor Hours Roll Over To Next Month?

Labor hours do not roll over.

Every new month gets you fresh labor hours.

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