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We take website security very seriously as it is one of the best things you can do for your online business. Protecting a website will save you a tremendous number of hours (or even weeks) in the event of an attack.
Unfortunately, website attacks are very common and websites of all sizes are targets.


Did You Know?

Tens of thousands of websites are hacked everyday

A site’s organic rankings and traffic can disappear if a site is hacked or has malware?

Google blacklists nearly 10,000 websites every single day

A website can be hacked and redirect visitrs to another website without the website owner even knowing anything is wrong

Most hosting companies do not take proper backups or frequent backups of hosted websites and are often even the source of the problem

Steps To Security

How It Works?

Detect, Fix, Maintain & Monitor

1. Scan & Detect Vulnerabilities

Website security is only as strong as it’s weakest link, we explore to find weak links 

2. Strengthen Weaknesses & Secure Environment

Secure the entire connected system of the website, server, patch weaknesses. 

Monitor, Update & Maintain Website Security

Now that the website is completely shielded, it is important to maintain security laters updated, monitor & actively maintain website

Security Solution

What Can Our Website Security Services Do For You?

Our job is to do our best to secure your website and deter hackers.

We can implement specific security measures to protect your website and continuously monitor it to help deter attacks and take immediate action in the event of an attack.

This could make the difference of your website being down for a few minutes versus days or even weeks.

Not sure if website security is required for your website?

Ask Your Self These Questions

How much would it cost to rebuild your website?


How much revenue would you lose if your site went down?

What would you do if your website went offline for a week or longer?

How much revenue would you lose if you lost your organic rankings because your site was blacklisted?

Want us to find out? Let's us analyze your website for free!

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