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Technical Help-Desk Services

$150 an hour. Billed every quarter hour. Minimum half hour charged.

Creative Services

Creative services pricing is always based on the requirements.


Varies from extention to extention .com $10.99* .me $8.99*, etc.

Cloud Web Hosting

$3.99 to $15.99 a month*
* Varies Monthly, Yearly & Triennially

Cloud WordPress Hosting

$3.99 to $15.99 a month*
* Varies Monthly, Yearly & Triennially

E-Commerce Web Store

$3.99 a month* to unlimited
*depends on requirements

Silver Business Support

$45 a month
– 10% off on annual plans

Gold Business Support

$125 a month
– 15% off on annual plans

Platinum Business Support

$525 a month
– 20% off on annual plans



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Frequently Asked Questions

What's The Hourly Rate For Creative Services?

Creative service’s rate is based on the needs of the project, once we analyze the work we will give you a quote.

Why There Isn't An Hourly Rate For Creative Services?

Fixed rate compliments quality of work, rewards skillset, ensures satisfaction on meeting requirements. We’re all about quality.

What's The Hourly Rate Of Tech Services?

$150 an hour, and then billed every quarter hour. Minimum half hour charge for any technical work.

Why Not A Fixed Rate For Technical Services?

Hourly rate rewards the work getting done sooner, it makes you happier the sooner it’s done, for us we’re able to serve the next customer the sooner we finish working on your case, keeps things efficient.

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