#SmallBusinessSupport COVID-19 (Novel CoronaVirus) Pandemic


We stand with small, local, freelance & startup businesses to do what we can to help keep you afloat during this pandemic.

You can get certain eligible services for your business needs right now and pay us back later when you are able to*.  It’s simple:


1. Businesses those that can afford… Pay!

2. Businesses those that can not afford to pay, we would work with you on a payment plan.

3. Businesses especially startups that can not even afford payment plan, partner with us so we’ll make sure your business gets customers & you make profits!


*No complicated terms & conditions, the asterisk simply means we reserve the right give this facility to certain eligile businesses that go through our process to obtain zero interest business credit, payment plan or startup seed options for products or services that we quality and for services/products that does not involve much out of pocket costs to us such as certain plans & services may be eligible. Domain names & labor invensive services & products are not eligible.


We are in reality doing what can to help businesses, we’re going that one step ahead, we’ll evaluate how we can help you.

Talk to us about checking your eligibility for Special COVID-19 Pay Support by our Payment Options available below. 

Special COVID-19 Pay Support ApplicationContact Us

Options To Pay

Our value is to help fellow business owners, & freelancers succeed!

Businesses & Freelancers Who Need Help With Payments

All we ask is be ready to take action, times are changing fast.

Payment Plan

We can divide payments so you can pay in small parts over a period of time

Zero Interest Business Credit

Get that essential web services now for your business, make payments as you make profits.

Startup Seed

We understand brining that idea in reality may be help, we will seed your startup via our services, no need to take debt. It may be wise to share responsibility with experts who can help you succeed.

We Offer Free 15 Minute Consultation!

To make the best use of our free consultation time, fill that form today by writing down all that you want to discuss about in the comments section, namely what issues your business may be facing, you may want get a particular functionality on your website, you may want to work on a unique idea that you want to bring to life or a unique payment plan for the services you desire, it all starts by making that first move, write as much detail as you can on your support request ticket, we will study it then get back to you.

Once we receive your filled in form , we will evaluate, schedule a meeting, we will work as fast as we can but, this process takes time and you agree that you understand that payment plan, startup seed, or business credit is subject to approval, it is based on courtesy basis with the intention to help therefore we reserve the right to select the businesses we would work with, we’re based in US so we prefer companies from US. However, you are still encouraged to apply internationally because we look for potential in a business or an idea.

Get Special COVID-19 Pay Support Program Application

Take A Step Forward!

Let us know how we can help you do better in your business, if you’re struggling and are not sure where exactly you might need help, ask for a “Friendly Consultation”, we mean it when we say we want to help you succeed!

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