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1. We are based in Connecticut so by default New York time zone applies, click on "UTC -04:00 Eastern Time" below to adjust to your local time zone.


2. If you run into any errors or have any special requests (like requesting our meeting outside our EST working hours), please do NOT hesitate to let us know ahead of time by contacting us, calling us, or by creating a ticket in advance prior to booking our meeting. We will try to accommodate your request or work something feasible out.


3. By default our meeting language is English. However, we welcome speakers of all languages, please ensure to have a translator available with you during our meeting. 

Our team members speak Spainsh, Arabic, French, Hindi & Urdu, please advice us in advance should you need us to make any of these language speakers available to you.

If the meeting calendar above is not visible, then please contact us Instead

You can also try to go incognito mode or try to access this page from another device, if calendar is not visible to you. 

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