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We walk through all the basics of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising from its very definition down to the benefits, its relationship with Search Engine Marketing (SEM), the different components of PPC such as common paid search marketing terms, AD groups, Display Network, Quality Score, organization structure, billing models, Ad Auction, Keywords, text ads and expanded text ads, ad extension, targeting , a-b testing and so much more!

Google Ads

Google PPC Advertisement setup, manage, tweak & tune up!

Google Analytics

Use Google Analytics to grain revenue generating insights!

Multi-Platfrom Advertising

Do You Need Customers And You Need Them NOW?

Super-simple way to drive low-cost traffic to your website from Google ads, Yahoo ads, Bing ads and Facebook ads, with Pay Per Click (PPC) and online Paid Advertising networks!

Imagine having a paid advertising expert walking you through each step of:
• A walkthrough of your advertising campaign
• Setting up your ad campaigns on Google AdWords
• Setting up your ad campaigns with Facebook ads
• Setting up your ad campaigns with Yahoo ads & Bing ads (Microsoft Ad Network)
• Gather details of what you need to suceed on Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Bing,
• How to write quality ads for your Pay Per Click (PPC) ad campaigns

Set up your Google AdWords PPC account/campaigns on the top 3 pay per click ad networks:
• Google AdWords
• Facebook Ads Network and
• Microsoft Ads Network (Yahoo ads / Bing ads)

And, we will walk with you through the process, step-by-step. If you are new to online advertising, then we’re here to help you.

Start today, and begin receiving website traffic immediately upon completing your first digital advertising campaign!


Let's Start Online Ads ASAP !

PPC Advertisements?

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Our ads leave a cookie so we can re-target!

In a billion people we are able to pin point who watched your ad and then we can re-target the same person with the next level of the advertisement. On an average it takes somewhere between 3 to 5 times for a customer to make a decision to buy, we only try to keep your business afresh in your customers minds, thanks to the technological advancements we are now able to place your ad directly in front of the selected group of prospects.

Target, retarget, re-retarget = sale!

Advertising helps boost business ranking

Target selected individuals

We'll select most profitable keywords

Connected Ads inter-linked!

Intelligent PPC Ads that connect advertising platform to the website, website to the back-end systems, backend to analytics so your business can gain make the most of your investment while gaining intelligence on reports & dashboards to make the next right move.

We Advertise, Re-Target & Help!

We have people who genuinely help business owners in a friendly manner, we value quality, hope this encourages you to ask us any questions you may have,  we do not use pushy sales tactics, when you talk to us you will see we provide you solutions to the best of our abilities.

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